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!!! With the current coronavirus context, all software development conferences might be cancelled, postponed or switch to a virtual online format !!!. This website presents a list of selected upcoming best software development conferences of 2023 and that focus on all areas of software development: programming (Java, .NET, C#, C, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, JQuery, TypeScript, Web, Groovy, Go, Scala, Erlang, HTML, CSS, Frontend, ...), software engineering, project management (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, ...), software testing, databases (MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, NoSQL, BIG Data, data model, ...), mobile apps (iPhone, Android), configuration management, continuous delivery, DevOps, requirements management (business analysis, UML use cases, user stories, personnas, LeanUX, ...), product management, UX user experience, Web Design & Development, software architecture, Unified Modeling Language (UML) software design, model-driven development, domain-driven-design, software process improvement (CMMI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, AI Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, ...

Find software development and software engineering conferences from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe (UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Roumania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, ...), Australia, New Zealand, Asia (China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thaïland, Turkey, Israel, ...), South America, etc.

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jconf.dev, September 29-October 1 2023, Chicago, USA

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CONNECT.TECH, October 16-18 2023, Atlanta, USA

CONNECT.TECH now in its 7th year is the largest multi-platform frontend conference in the USA. We expect 1400 people for the 2023 event. 3 days total with a workshop day and 2 conference days with 10 tracks: React, Angular, Vue.js, Node/Serverside, Advanced JS, Core JS, JS Frameworks, Design/UI/UX, Web/HTML/CSS, Mobile Frameworks

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UIArchConf, a unique conference all about UI Architecture and the role of the UI Architect. With the rise in sophistication of Web and Mobile front-end development, our industry has given rise to a new type of team player: UI Architect. At UIArchConf we will explore the various aspects of UI Architecture and Web Accessibility, and the massive role a UI architect plays in an organization.


THAT Conference, August 3-6 2023, Wisconsin Dells, USA

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Lead Developer Conference, August 11-12 2023, New York, USA

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DevOps Talks, August 17-19 2023, Singapore

Swiss Testing Day, August 26 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

DevOpsDays Dallas, August 26-27 2023, Dallas, USA (postponed to 2021)

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SoCraTes, International Software Craftsmanship and Testing Conference, August 27-30 2023, Soltau, Germany

NDC TechTown, August 31 - September 3 2023, Online, Kongsberg, Norway

Yow! Hong-Kong, September 4 2023, Hong-Kong (Online)

Yow! Singapore, September 4 2023, Singapore (online)

Agile and Beyond, September 8-10 2023, Detroit, USA

NDC Minnesota, September 8-11 2023, Saint Paul, USA

Agile Cologne, September 11 2023, Köln, Germany

Agile Business Day, September 11-12 2023, Venice, Italy (online)

CppCon - The C++ Conference, September 13-18 2023, Aurora, CO, USA (online)

Agile Prague, September 14-15 2023, Prague, Czech Republic (cancelled)

This year the Agile Prague is going to feature over 30 Agile and Scrum speakers from all around the world. The conference is running in two paralel tracks in two days, where you can choose from the variety of talks for managers, scrum masters, product owners and try agile practices in practical workshops for testers and developpers, share the knowhow, discuss in openspace.

ACE! Agile Central Europe, September 16-18 2023, Krakow, Poland (Cancelled)

ACE! is the largest regional conference of its kind in Central Europe, attracting people from all over the region. We're really excited about ACE! 2017 which combines two one-track conferences into one. The Building Software Better track includes the traditional ACE! content such as Agile, lean, Scrum, Kanban, and other tools and methods for improving the software development process. The Building Better Products track features Lean Startup, LeanUX, Design Thinking, and Customer Development topics.

如何用Mac和iPhone超高效地学习?出国党必备-国际在线国广教育:2021-6-2 · 今天,为大家带来对于Mac和iPhone上的使用经验,希望帮助大家真正利用好自己手头的工具来让学习和生活更加便捷高效。首先是手机,先上图这是首页,和学习相关的要从第三行开始讲。Oxford 3000牛津大学出版社的官方App,把牛津3000

DevOpsDays London, September 24-25 2023, London, UK

QA Fest, September 25-26 2023, Kiev, Ukraine

Romanian Testing Conference, September 28-30 2023, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Software Test Professionals Conference, September 28-30 2023, St Louis MO, USA

ApacheCon North America, September 29 - October 1 2023, Online

TACON Konferenz zur Testautomatisierung, September 29-30 2023, Leipzig, Germany (online)

jconf.dev, September 29-October 1 2023, Chicago, USA

jconf.dev is a 3-day community-run developer conference in the fall of 2023 focused on Java, the JVM and Cloud Technologies. YOu can learn from and meet with internationally acclaimed speakers who are published authors, language creators, and community experts. No need to go to a massive OEM conference to see the caliber of speakers we have. You can attend jconf for a fraction of the cost.

South East European Software Testing Conference (SEETEST), October 1-2 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria

Agile Serbia, October 6-7 2023, Belgrade, Serbia

droidcon Berlin, October 7-9 2023, Berlin, Germany

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Agile Tour Vienna, October 9 2023, Vienna, Austria (online)

Agile Australia, October 12-13 2023, Melbourne, Australia

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, October 12-14 2023, Portland, USA

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) mission is to enable knowledge exchange to produce higher quality software. As a non-profit corporation, we seek to promote software quality by providing education and opportunities for information exchange within the software community. PNSQC provides opportunities to demonstrate, teach and exchange ideas on both proven and leading edge software quality practices.

AngularConnect, October 13-14 2023, London, UK

Longhorn PHPP, October 15-17 2023, Austin, USA

CONNECT.TECH, October 16-18 2023, Atlanta, USA

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Lean + Agile DC, November 10 2023, Tysons VA, USA

Droidcon, November 17-18 2023, New York, USA

EuroSTAR Software Testing & QA Conference, November 17-19 2023, Online

The EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is the largest gathering of testers and QA professionals in Europe. Since 1993, the European testing community have come together over four days each November to learn, connect & test. The annual conference programme is created by the community for the community. It encompasses all disciplines of software testing and quality assurance with inspiring speakers to take your testing to the next level. Outside of the talks you can bring your challenges to the Test Clinic where experts will help you find solutions that you can implement immediately

UIArchConf, November 19-20 2023, New Orleans USA

UIArchConf, a unique conference all about UI Architecture and the role of the UI Architect. With the rise in sophistication of Web and Mobile front-end development, our industry has given rise to a new type of team player: UI Architect. At UIArchConf we will explore the various aspects of UI Architecture and Web Accessibility, and the massive role a UI architect plays in an organization.

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DEVintersection, December 8-10 2023, Orlando, USA

Regional Scrum Gathering Rio, January 14-16 2023, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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Agile on the Beach, July 8-9 2021, Falmouth, UK

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